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We know community and stakeholder engagement with the expertise and tech in place to drive your project forward. 

Our approach 

1. Research  

Identify the audiences you want to target. Consider the best approach to reach them. 

2. Objectives 

Agree what you are seeking to achieve. Agree what your key messaging will be.

3. Strategy 

Consider who is being consulted, how they are being consulted and most importantly, when.


Have the answers ready for every eventuality from FAQs to briefing and media training. 


Capture data and evidence for reporting back at the end of the consultation period and providing insights and analysis. 

Our engagement platform 

We have developed an interactive web platform to make it easier for the public and other stakeholders to give their verdict on what you’re proposing. 

This includes all the survey tools you’d expect but customisable to suit your needs – from zooming in on the detail to data analysis needed for engagement reports and SCIs. 

Communicating the message 

Tactics can vary but could include: 

  • PR campaign 
  • Content rich social media campaigns 
  • Individual stakeholder briefing 
  • Pop up displays at key sites. 
  • In person events and exhibitions 
  • Online webinars 
  • Direct Leafleting 

Our design and digital team can also support with the delivery of any creative and digital assets you’ll need: 

  • Exhibition boards 
  • Social media graphics
  • Video and animation 
  • Consultation mini website* 
  • Consultation forms* 
  • Online surveys* 

*Meeting the latest accessibility standards.

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We prefer to tailor our approach specifically for you. Let’s discuss a collaborative partnership and how we can achieve the best outcomes together.

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